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FireEdge Ltd joins some of the world’s most inspirational brands by confirming their plans to adopt a new energy efficiency policy. The Manchester based business will have the policy fully implemented by the 2nd quarter of 2013. FireEdge Ltd will see benefits such as reduced operating costs and an improved business reputation among their suppliers and customers.

Measuring energy use will allow a business to target inefficiency and to grow more sustainably. "Understanding our energy usage was the first step. Now that we know which processes and equipment use the most energy we can put practices in place to reduce the amount of energy used" says a spokesperson for FireEdge Ltd.

Consumers are attracted to businesses that are considered to have strong ethical values and are environmentally responsible. FireEdge Ltd has confirmed positive customer feedback has been an added benefit since announcing their commitment to becoming an energy efficient business. "We hadn't considered that people would react the way they have. Being energy efficient is very socially acceptable and our customers have responded well to this new initiative. We've been pleasantly surprised to note that implementing these changes has not only contributed to the environment but also to save our business money and given us more recognition within the sales and marketing industry" adds FireEdge Ltd, MD.

The Carbon Trust say businesses could save £400m by more efficient use of boilers. FireEdge Ltd informs that businesses can make many small changes in addition to this and see a significant difference in operating costs. Ensuring office equipment is being turned off at the end of each day, switching to energy saving light bulbs and not heating unused storerooms are very easy changes to implement.  

FireEdge Ltd are an outsourced sales and marketing firm who work with brands to develop direct marketing campaigns to increase consumer interaction and acquire new customers.

The Energy Efficiency policy adopted by FireEdge Ltd has offered the business many benefits and they hope other UK businesses take steps in the same direction to assist with reducing their carbon footprint and saving the environment.


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FireEdge Ltd is in high demand. Our sales, marketing & customer acquisition campaigns are outsourced by businesses throughout the UK as we offer a greater ROI than any traditional forms of marketing.

The final quarter of 2012 forecast was exceeded by 9%. With plans to launch new campaigns for clients throughout 2013 we expect to double in size this year.

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