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The business owner has returned to the field in a bid to "source new talent and boost morale" amongst his hard-working contractors. Paul is happy to be back on the front line, and has said: "Returning to my roots feels great, not to mention the 100% improvement rate we've seen since I've been doing this."

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The CEO firmly believes that joining his team members in the field greatly improves results as everyone feels like an equally important component. "I like to lead by example, and this is the best way to do that," Paul says. "When people don't achieve the results they want, they tend to blame the area or their audience, so it is my responsibility to get out there and motivate them in order to kill any negative energy and misconceptions."

The hands-on boss strives to establish clear and concise communication between himself and his team and have been working hard to become recognised as an approachable leader. The summer months can sometimes be a time for individuals to become distracted or demotivated, due to nice weather or being on 'Holiday Mode', but with Paul out among the team he feels more able to keep them on track, ensuring they are successfully smashing not only company goals, but also their own personal targets.

The Nottingham-based event sales and marketing firm First Face Ltd. works with the sole purpose to grow and expand their business. The environment they have created is very competitive; however, it is also a place to grow and develop personally. Paul Sandhu explains that at First Face Ltd.'s individuals are encouraged to learn and seek the support and guidance they need to become successful in sales and open up and run their own successful business one day.

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