Based in Sheffield AtlasCorp specialise in creating event marketing campaigns for brands from a plethora of industries. Concentrating on delivering face to face sales and marketing services the firm guarantees excellent results by creating unique and memorable brand experiences for customers which increases retention and drives brand awareness.

About AtlasCorp:

Due to the ‘hands-on’ nature of its work, AtlasCorp has prioritised bringing its workforce together and creating a supportive and rewarding community for its professionals. As such, the firm has recently launched a weekly five aside football practice to offer its workforce a chance to let off steam and work together as a team away from the work environment. Held every Thursday at Goals in Sheffield, the practice kicks off at 8 pm and has already been a big hit with the AtlasCorp workforce.

As well as being a great way of having fun and keeping fit, AtlasCorp also believes that playing football together as a team will strengthen many core skills that could help its people excel faster in a professional capacity.

‘In football, a team is built on setting standards. Everyone is accountable for the team’s success, and no individual is bigger than the whole. It’s the same in the business world. No one has ever succeeded in isolation, success comes from recognising your strengths and weaknesses and working with people who not only compliment your skill set but who can teach and inspire you to be better’ outlines Matt Stewart, CEO of AtlasCorp.

AtlasCorp is also adamant that playing sport together can also have a significant impact on communication, a skill that is irreplaceable in the face to face marketing industry. ‘We meet people from all walks of life every day, and to communicate effectively we need to rely on more than verbal cues. On the pitch you learn to read people from their movements, which is an essential skill to master in the business world’ concluded the CEO. 

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AtlasCorp is an ambitious outsourced sales and event marketing firm based in Sheffield. Follow on Twitter @AtlasCorp_or on Facebook.

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