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Claire Brewerton of The Virtual Business Centre writes:

Christmas, as you will know without being told, is one of the busiest times of the year, and this year, despite all of the disruption we have had, is still going to be the same. Possibly worse.

In fact, because of the disruption, many businesses are now playing catch-up. Therefore, the last thing you want to have to worry about is missing calls from prospective clients!

On the other hand, your business may not be so focused on this festive season, but you do have to plan for next year and the holidays to come, working from home, continued furloughing and staff holiday entitlements. 

Here are five ways a virtual receptionist can support your business:

  1. New business may be harder to find and a missed call could cost your company money, and business in the future. People want to know they can trust you, and you are in control.  If they reach a voicemail, or you, and you say you will ring them back later, they will not necessarily be impressed. Seventy-five per cent of callers will not leave a voicemail, and 85 per cent who do not reach you on the first call will not call back - they will call your competitor. Missed calls equal missed opportunities.
  2. Christmas is a time for planning for next year. A virtual receptionist team can help with data cleansing, telemarketing and many other proactive goals to support your business going into 2021. Data cleansing will be particularly vital as unfortunately so many companies and small businesses have ceased to trade, or people have been made redundant due to the pandemic. In the same way that some businesses have had to make people redundant, due to cash flow, it is also likely that your own business is having to keep an eye on cashflow too. Spending money on resources and marketing, where the information is not required or incorrect can be an expensive mistake. As can targeting the wrong people, which could create a bad customer experience.
  3. A virtual receptionist allows you to take some time off truly - as they take the strain. They can manage your diary and deal with questions, orders and bookings in your absence.
  4. This is a busy time of year for many retail businesses, and there will be other busy periods in 2021, a virtual receptionist can take orders, and process them remotely, To be interrupted every five minutes with the phone ringing, as encouraging as that is for your business, slows down production. Due to these interruptions, you are quite likely to resort to not answering so that you can finish what you are doing. This then leads us back to point one.
  5. Contracts can be flexible with a virtual receptionist. You may need support just be for Christmas, for a holiday period, to cover an event or a period of time when you are very busy. It does not have to be all year round and every day.  
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