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Miami-based direct sales and marketing specialists, Florida Business Consulting believe that their company culture has played an integral role in their success, and are urging industry leaders to develop a strong company culture. 

Sales and marketing firm, Florida Business Consulting, has a culture of progression that integrates a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment. With the firm’s market reach now spanning three states, their company culture has played a crucial role in their continued success and expansion.  

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Florida Business Consulting has invested a lot of time and effort into creating a positive working environment that motivates and inspires each to achieve their goals and ambitions. Beyond the workshops, training seminars and mentoring one-on-ones that help individual career development, Florida Business Consulting host a range of team-building activities, socials events and weekly team nights that help to nurture a culture of success and cohesion.  

Florida Business Consulting states that having an excellent company culture is no longer an option for companies since today’s workforce tends to regard a superb company culture above other factors such as salary and benefits. The firm is urging industry leaders that they must set an example for other companies when it comes to having a company culture that is appealing to workers.  

Other examples of companies having a great company culture include Zappos, who start their recruitment process with a cultural fit interview that carries half the weight of whether that candidate is hired, plus new employees are offered $2000 to quit after the first week of training of they decide the job isn’t for them. And Twitter, who set up rooftop meetings, a team-orientated environment, free meals at the San Francisco headquarters plus yoga classes.  

‘Florida Business Consulting is a firm that boasts a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment’ states CEO Eric Martin. ‘This company culture has played a vital role in our continued success, and I strongly believe that because people are the centre of our business, without a committed workforce, our business wouldn’t be half the success that it is. Our philosophy is one of fun plus hard work equals success’ added Florida Business Consulting CEO.   

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