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England are through to the semi-finals and fans across the country are cheering on our national team.

However, for a minority of people what should be an enjoyable experience can take a dangerous turn. The media showed a glimpse of how people can take things too far with ambulances and other vehicles being trampled upon at the weekend. The tension and subsequent behaviour could only get worse with each game.

Figures during the 2010 and 2014 World Cups showed a sharp rise in domestic violence following England games, with figures from Essex Police showing a 36.4% rise.

In response to this The National Centre for Domestic Violence has launched a hard hitting poster campaign for 2018, to ensure that partners of football fans know where to turn if things take a turn for the worst.

Sue Nash, a senior associate at Pinney Talfourd in Essex specialises in family law and has seen how events affect domestic violence. She says “For many people the World Cup is an enjoyable occasion, shared with family and friends. But the domestic violence figures from the last tournament makes depressing reading. Nobody facing domestic violence should suffer in silence.”

Don’t let what should be a national celebration turn you or someone you know into an alarming statistic. Anyone in danger should contact the emergency services, NCDV or seek advice from a specialist family lawyer.

If you require legal advice call Pinney Talfourd on 01708 229444 or read more about how a family lawyer can help you on Pinney Talfourd’s Domestic Violence page. 

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