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The updated site now contains links to its Facebook and Twitter feeds, along with quick buttons for Google+ and LinkedIn.

Its blog began in August 2012, and reflects the team's passion for and knowledge of digital marketing.

The site also boasts a new, easy-to-navigate tab system that makes browsing the site neat and uncomplicated.

The outfit, launched in January 2011, has been busy acquiring a host of new new clients across the digital marketing sphere.

It offers services that include web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) and pay per click advertising (PPC), and has forged a reputation for down-to-earth client liaison and outstanding results.

The digital marketing sector is one that has thrived despite the continuing gloomy economic outlook in the United Kingdom.

Firms have recognised the need for quality marketing in a crowded marketplace and have increasingly turned to specialist companies like Four Leaf Clover Media to help convert their business potential into solid results, without unforeseen bills.

A refreshing component of the company is its detailed and up-front breakdown of service charges that ensure clients see exactly what they can expect in return for their investment.

"We don't believe in the recession," says Luke Taylor, Creative Director at Four Leaf Clover Media. "Every adversity is an opportunity.

We aim to help our clients by building successful digital marketing strategies that can transform their business potential in difficult times.

The updated site offers a clear and concise representation of our services and how we can help our clients achieve the best results possible."

The world of search engine optimisation is evolving daily as the major portals seek to ensure their indexes are as democratic as possible when determining linking structure.

Taylor and his team employ only white hat SEO techniques – a term given to SEO practices that focus on genuinely attracting a human audience rather than attempting to fix rankings artificially.

Also labelled "ethical SEO", white hat strategies propel sites up search rankings organically, providing results that are favoured by engines.

Updating a website is always a careful business, and a far cry from a complete re-brand. The site must add extra elements while continuing the solid progress set-up by its earlier success.

Having provided many of their clients with such services, Four Leaf Clover Media's team were ideally placed to update their own site. Their refresh builds on the success of the previous site, and strides confidently forward.

The company's maxim of "Design, Develop, Optimise" takes its inspiration from a quote by American writer George William Curtis, which runs across the masthead of the site: "It is not the ship so much as the skilful sailing that determines a prosperous voyage."

With such an inspirational quote at the heart of both the business and the website, it is clear that the voyage for both has a long way to go.


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With a combined internet marketing experience of 20 years, this digital agency offers expert advice and opinion in a "non jargon" manner at affordable prices.

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