Cutting bills is what the past few years have been about. For those not already full to the teeth with austerity tips, UK gadget company, Money4Machines, have come up with a few tricks for cutting mobile phone bills in the run-up to Christmas.

1. Know what they're using

It can be tough to keep tabs on data usage, especially when one has just received their first iPhone device and there are so many apps and perks to being a bona fide Apple user. But they really do need to try and understand their usage, e.g. how much of their data plan goes on streaming episodes of their favourite TV shows on the commute? How many Instagram photos can they upload?

2.Turn off GPS and mobile data

Locations services are great for checking in on Facebook etc, but they're likely eating up data by leaving them on all the time. They should put the "settings" tab somewhere convenient and get into the habit of only using location services when they actually need them (this saves battery life too!)

3.Try sticking to Wi-Fi

They may have decided to sell iPad first generations to fund an upgrade to a 3G or 4G device, but going back to classic Wi-Fi will definitely cut their data bill. They should try to download updates via Wi-Fi too. Put some time into setting up automatic Wi-Fi connections in places they spend a lot of time – home, mate’s house, etc.

4. Push for unlimited data

Unlimited data typically comes with a "Fair Use" limit, but it’s pretty high. Companies like T-Mobile run unlimited data for most handsets, so people don’t need to sell iPhone fifth generations and downgrade to qualify.

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