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The Wolf of Wall Street
 is the movie everyone is talking about. 

In the January issue of Square Mile magazine, leading actor nominee Leonardo DiCaprio speaks candidly about his experience playing Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, his special relationship with Martin Scorsese and what it was like to meet the real-life Wolf.

Especially interesting is Dicaprio’s frank take on the current financial world and the insight he gained through his time spent on Wall Street getting to know ‘the guys’ and absorbing the culture. 

"I spent a long time on Wall Street and met a lot of the guys – and 80% of them said the reason they got into finance was to try to be like Gordon Gekko."

He also knocks the negative stereotypes associated with the investment world saying it’s a survival instinct spanning far wider than just this industry.

"Greed happened before civilisation," he says, "I'm not judging – it’s an inherent characteristic of society… Ultimately there’s no organism that wouldn't wipe out another just to be able to survive."

The full interview can also be viewed online here: http://issuu.com/squareupmedia/docs/sm86_digi

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