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"If you can use Microsoft Word, you can follow this guide and build a website." That’s according to Paul Parry, a director of Bug Creative, the company behind a new, free guide – available now at twotriangles.net – to get people online to promote their business, hobby or even just themselves.

"While there are several big players in the web-building market," says Paul, "many people are put off them by the hidden costs involved, the idea that they’re tied in to some sort of contract and the feeling that if they get stuck, they’re on their own.

"I walk people through the whole process. They really like the personal touch they get with our guide and the fact that it doesn’t baffle them with ‘tech talk’."

Simply called Build a Website in 90 Minutes or Less, Bug’s offering shows people how to use free software called WordPress.

"Rather than using site-building tools that often come when you buy hosting – the place online where a website ‘lives’ – Wordpress is popular the world over and runs 22.4% of all the websites on the internet," adds Paul.

"It can be a little tricky to use at first but when you’re shown what to do and how you can benefit from it, you appreciate how good it is. It’s also brilliant for creating websites that look great when viewed on a smartphone, which is becoming more and more crucial," says Paul, who has been working online since 2007.

The ebook was designed by one of his business partners, Nick Tydeman, and shows would-be site-owners...

  • How to register a domain name, such as yourname.co.uk
  • One of the best places to ‘host’ a website and how to set up hosting
  • How to install Wordpress and make your site look how you want it
  • How to add pages, such as a Contact page and About Us
  • How to make sure your site looks good when viewed on a smartphone
  • How to ensure you control every aspect of your website
Build a Website in 90 Minutes or Less is available now at twotriangles.net.
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