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Freelance SEO Essex had their previous website for 4 years, so it was a big decision to change direction from something that had always converted well. The previous site began to look outdated, and the team were concerned with how best to provide valuable information on service and practices to their website visitors.

Freelance wanted to steer clear of using any cheesy graphics and instead create a professional, sleek and easy-to-use website that was well optimised and user friendly.

After reviewing the website, Freelance felt that due to the strong nature of the industry, people were interested in looking for concise information about the work carried out, and why they may differ to other agencies. Most people are looking for information quickly and want to be able to get it with as little effort made as possible.

Case studies and portfolios were amongst the most visited pages from visitors on the previous website. The Meet the Team page was the 3rd most popular page, which indicated people wanted to know more about the company they were considering working with. Freelance also wanted to make sure their Google Partner status and excellent reviews were made more prominent on the site.

After some extensive research, Freelance found out that the site had three types of visitors to the website. The first visitor was someone that wanted to have a good look over the website at existing clients and case studies. This information allowed the prospective client to send a detailed breakdown of the requirements and history of their business via the easy to use contact form on the website. The second visitor to the website was someone who wanted to quickly submit their name, number and URL and request a call back, using the quick quote form found on the top right corner of each page.

The third visitor to the website was someone who wanted to call and speak to an experienced and knowledgeable SEO consultant, so Freelance made sure the telephone number was prominent in the header and across the pages of the site itself.

Director of Freelance SEO Essex, Danny Hall, said: “I have always thought it important to have an astatically pleasing website that provided the visitor with all the information they required and good experience.

“We believe the new website ticks all of these boxes and the early feedback also confirms this.”



Freelance SEO Essex delivers professional search engine marketing services, including SEO services and PPC management, at competitive fees. The company was founded in 2012 and has since grown to become one of the most trusted SEO providers in the county, working closely to educate, inspire and deliver strong search exposure for businesses in Essex, London, and beyond.


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