There's no secret that most people have been struggling with the cost of living constantly on the up. Frontline Events say whilst the price of food, petrol and other necessaries have been on the rise, most workers wages have stayed the same and that combined with the a record number of unemployed people in the U.K means that people have less money to spend on luxuries. 

Frontline Events consider how business ensure they still reach their target audience in a positive way.  A very common method is via indirect marketing such as T.V, Radio and Bill boards, which are a great way of showing the customer who the company is but doesn't guarantee the formation of a relationship with the customer. The fastest growing, and most cost effective way of marketing is by meeting the potential consumer face to face to show them who the company is and explain in detail to them exactly what they are getting when the purchase a product or service. Frontline Events managing director Gillian O’Brien says "One of the reasons we are so successful here at Frontline Events at acquiring new customers for our clients is not only that we not only arm ourselves with as much product knowledge as possible, we also pride ourselves on building strong relationships from the beginning with the consumer."

Frontline Events state many businesses overlook the importance of a relationship with the end-user. "All great trading relationships should be built on trust and not just on the basis that you are trying to sell to the customer. It is imperative to ensure that the product or service is beneficial to the customer" adds Gillian O'Brien, MD at Frontline Events.

Building a good relationship with customers from the start sets the foundations for a loyal customer, but the company needs to ensure they offer good customer service at all points after that. As with any transaction, there is a possibility that something can go wrong so the company must be willing to correct the problem and relate to the customer. Frontline Events claim this level of customer service will ensure there is no reason as to why the customer shouldn’t return for future purchases.

Frontline Events report customer service survey’s show the customer is disappointed if they feel they haven't been listened to or have been misled or ill-treated. By building a strong relationship with the customer from the beginning and build trust, the customer will often feel more comfortable coming back to the business if a problem arises. Once the problem had been resolved there is a chance they will use word of mouth to spread your companies name.


Frontline Events was started in Manchester in May 2006, having over 7 years experience in the direct marketing industry, which has continued to be one of the fastest growing business sectors across the world, so we at Frontline Events do not intend to slow down. Over the years we have developed a trusting relationship with major clients, showing them how to use the direct sales and marketing model to grow their business, with 10 affiliated offices so far in Manchester, Cardiff, Nottingham, Newcastle and Sheffield. 

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