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Funzee, the specialist online retailer, has announced three new additions to its range of onesies for adults for 2013. There are two styles in 100% cotton: Spring funzee is a fluffy sheep print on a green background, and Reggae funzee is four colour stripes in Black, Green, Red and Yellow. The third style, Bumble funzee, is made from polar fleece and is Black and Gold stripes of course.

Funzee operate several international websites which all collect visitor suggestions and feedback so they are well placed to see the trends in the market. New designs are always a response to information gathered from fans and visitors. For example, Spring funzee is a refreshed version of a design that was phased out two years ago but, due to popular demand, has been brought back.

The adult onesie was apparently the most popular gift for Christmas 2012 but some say this is a one off and that the onesie will soon go the same way as the slanket. A spokesman for funzee disagrees, "the onesie mania of last Christmas won’t last but the truth is these are comfortable, practical and versatile garments which people use and like. In the USA, where the adult onesie started, there is steady demand, mainly from the youth market. In the UK we are now seeing a growing demand for pure cotton as customers realise that natural fabrics are better for sleeping in." So the bottom has not fallen out of the adult onesie market and funzee are looking forward to the summer party and festival season. They will also shortly be deciding on a new range for Winter 2013. At the moment popular ideas are the introduction of a tartan funzee and bringing back a version with a "butt flap", but it all depends what their fans and followers ask for.

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