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According to Furniture in Fashion CEO Asad Shamim, this app will serve as a platform for buyers to order their desired pieces of furniture online, and their respective orders will be shipped to their doorsteps next working day.

The app works faster and has a user-friendly interface. For all sorts of users, it is pretty simple to down load and use. The app can be downloaded and installed from the Play Store on android mobiles and iOS.

There are more than 20,000 furniture products in the app, in various categories ranging from living room, dining room to bedroom furniture. They app has an extensive range of lighting, TV stands, Storage Cabinets, and Bar Stools etc.

The Daily Deals are updated on a routine basis so that customers can explore those deals and buy furniture in sale with up to 70 per cent off.

Furniture in Fashion launched its website in 2006 and became one of the first online furniture retailers in the UK

Since 2006, it has been providing exceptional quality, modern and contemporary furniture in the UK. It operates from a massive site that covers an area of almost 3.5 acres. Its furniture store or warehouse is one of the largest in the UK.

With a great stock that includes bedrooms, sofa sets, dining tables, storage and entertainment units, a lot of space is required. This huge variety of stock has earned it a reputation of being the best online furniture retailer in the UK.

Furniture in Fashion has an edge over its competitors because it is a fully stocked furniture store. It has a significant variety of furniture in its store and online. It imports its own designs from all over the world. It does not rely on local suppliers since it has the capacity to hold more than £3 million of stock at any one time in its warehouse. This makes it a preferred choice among customers compared with several other furniture stores that do not own their stock.

Most furniture stores in the UK are drop shippers. They rely on their suppliers or distributors for delivering furniture to their customers. They receive the orders directly from the customers, but they do not ship the furniture themselves. Rather, they transfer the order to their distributors who ship the order to the respective customer with the name of that drop shipper. Their prices are usually higher as their profit margin is adjusted in the prices of the products. Also, the quality is lower than expected since they have no control over the quality of the furniture.

This is where Furniture in Fashion, a fully stocked furniture store has emerged as an ideal choice for the people of the UK. Its prices are lower, and it ensures highest quality in its furniture and decor. Also, there is a great range of furniture to choose from.

Since it has launched its app, its customers can now buy the furniture they want using their mobile phones. Every smartphone is compatible with the application. You can search for their app from Play Store or iOS app store and install it in your phone. The app allows customers to explore their stock on their phones. All categories are given on the app and the stock is regularly updated as well.

Apart from stock and products, the sale deals are updated on a regular basis, as per Furniture in Fashion. Customers can place their order through the app and their ordered furniture will be shipped to their given address.

According to recent stats, most people buy furniture using their mobile phones. They do not like using their desktops and laptops just to order products online. When they are busy at their workplaces, all they want is an application they can use on their smartphones and place their orders.

According to Furniture in Fashion CEO, this app is designed for all such consumers. Since most customers these days prefer to order through their mobile phones, this app is a wonderful assistance for them.

Asad Shamim said: "Customers will now be able to buy quality furniture at affordable prices through the FiF app. We have launched it to make it easier for our customers who order furniture using their smartphones."

Now, you can buy furniture from Furniture in Fashion by a single click. There is no limit to furniture you are buying through the app, buyers can add as many pieces as they want to their cart. All in all, this mobile app is a revolutionary step taken by Furniture in Fashion!

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