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Small businesses have and continue to help the UK economy, whilst they may not generate as much money as larger firms they are a major contributor to the strength of the economy. Smaller businesses present new employment opportunities which helps the economy grow. These smaller firms are more likely to employ local people and make trades with local or other small businesses rather than looking to do these things abroad.

A report entitled, ‘Stimulating Small Business Growth’ published earlier this month looks at how small businesses are creating a regional and national network of determined business owners who are providing support to one another. This is increasing confidence, drive and resilience and creating plenty of new business opportunities which are contributing to economic growth.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) says that small businesses throughout the UK are at the heart of the government’s long term plan for economic growth. Skills and Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock says, “Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and with 2 thirds preparing to expand it is our desire to make sure they have everything they need to thrive. Small businesses should influence and inform the government on what advice and support works best for them, so I’m pleased to be able to announce further measures that allow them to provide their input.” It is clear from this that SME’s will continue to be able to contribute to the UK’s economic success.

Fusion Affinities Ltd: http://www.fusionaffinities.com/behind-the-scenes/

Newly established business, Fusion Affinities, is thriving well in Bristol in this recent economic boost.
Fusion Affinities Ltd is a small sales and marketing firm that strategically develop innovative direct marketing campaigns to market a product or service to a specified market. They align their campaigns with key business goals, to generate maximum results for companies. They report that increased consumer spending has led to the boost in revenue they have experienced month-on-month throughout quarter one. Managing Director, Callum Sherlock expects that as the economy continues to strengthen Fusion Affinities Ltd will continue to develop and the economic activity will expand at an accelerated pace in comparison to last year.

Smaller businesses, such as Fusion Affinities Ltd, are successful and have more confidence which is leading to new jobs being created and increased consumer spending which will continue to fast track growth and improve the economy. 
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