In the next few weeks 58 South Molton Street Well-Being Business Centre will have a special guest therapist visiting. Galia Baliti, a senior healer and spiritual coach will be joining all the way from Tel Aviv. Galia runs workshops on holistic empowerment and self-actualisation, channelling Tarot and Kabbalah. She will provide guests with guidance and the tools to help them be successful in all areas of life.

One area Galia works in is the idea of energy and power in the pyramid. The mystery surrounding pyramids continues to this day to fascinate scientist’s scholars and lovers of mystery. Over the last hundred years pyramids have been observed in a number of places in the world such as; Shanxi China, Himalayas otherwise known as the white pyramid, in the jungles of Cambodia and the deserts of Syria to name but a few. In the south of France it is believed that a pyramid was built by the Knights Templar on their return from their crusades. There are also many rumours about the spiritual connections with the pyramids in Alaska and Florida.

The pyramid is the visible expression of the covenant between eternal wisdom and the world’s atral physical world in which we live. The square base of the pyramid has the meaning of wisdom, massively built according to unchanging laws of nature. Quiet represents angles, depth, intelligence and truth. The southern part represents cold, heat represents the north, western and eastern represent darkness and light. Triangular edges represent the spiritual power.

The pyramid has a unique and exclusive quality in therapy. It gives the clients an energetic balance, empowerment, strength and renewal.

Many studies over the years show that the pyramid contains a tremendous energy force and that connecting with such energy brings considerable strengthening physically, mentally and spiritually. A few proven benefits from the power of the pyramid used during therapy are listed below:

  • Development and personal empowerment
  • Patients feel a relief of physical and emotional pain
  • Increased recovery time after illness
  • Treatment of wounds, skin complaints and wrinkles
  • Improvement of concentration and learning ability
  • Purification and recharging of objects with crystals, balancing, relaxation, meditation and much much more…….

The Pyramid therapy offers a combination of therapy and crystal healing with the client lying down with their upper body inside the pyramid. The duration of the treatment is about 40 minutes, during which the client will experience a sense of ease which can often be accompanied by streams of hot and cold feelings depending on the treatment and also the client. About an hour after the treatment the client may feel a bit tired. Following this the body will process energy absorption for 24 hours during which it will accept a sense of purification with clean and new energies to fill it.

Here at 58 South Molton Street Well-Being Business Centre they invite one to join Galia for a one to one session or attend a work shop.

Please call 020 7706 1997 or email for more information or to book an appointment.

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