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Brits 'Best Kissers' and Americans 'Ranked 'Funniest'

Some fascinating findings have emerged today from The Touchnote Postcard Poll, a survey looking at modern-day postcard sending. The Touchnote Postcard Poll included analysing over 2,000 postcards sent by UK, US and German customers during a two-week period in August 2011.

The poll was conducted by Touchnote, a mobile app and website that enables customers to create personalized, printed postcards from their own mobile and Facebook photos. The results pointed to clear distinctions between American postcard senders, German and their British counterparts:
  • 38 per cent of UK postcard-senders sent images of their children vs. 29 per cent from the US. Germans scored lower still with 24 per cent choosing photos of their children
  • Americans proved to be the funniest with 15 per cent of all those sending postcards displaying 'funny' or irreverent pictures, followed by the UK (9 per cent) and Germany (8 per cent)
  • Germans proved the biggest romantics with 32 per cent of all postcards sent featuring couples/romantic images, the US and UK were at 19 per cent and 17 per cent respectively
  • Other interesting findings showed Brits beating Americans and Germans in a kiss-off, with UK sending 'xx kisses' in 45 per cent of the postcards sent. Lagging way behind were the Americans and Germans (less than 1 per cent each)
  • Dogs were the most popular pet across all three of the countries surveyed.  Only 1 per cent of total cards featured other pets or animals
Other findings include:
  • Just 42 per cent of postcards were actually sent while senders were on holiday
  • Interestingly, only 15 per cent of total images resembled the scenic postcard of the past
  • Birthday and wedding images featured in 3 per cent of all postcards
  • A small percentage (0.2 per cent) used postcards to share pictures of their pregnancy scans

The Touchnote Postcard Poll included analyzing over 2,000 postcards sent by UK,US and German customers during a two-week period in August 2011. Results were aggregated and collated anonymously.

Touchnote has sent cards to over 200 countries since it launched in 2008. In the two weeks surveyed, the top five destinations were:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. France 
  5. Italy 

Quotes for Media (all spokespeople available on request)

Raam Thakrar, co-founder, Touchnote

"The Touchnote Postcard Poll has delivered some fascinating results that have given us a great insight into the minds of modern-day postcarders. Postcards aren’t just about palm trees and beaches – today’s consumer has the tech to send a personal postcard whenever they want – and not just when they are on holiday."

"In the days of Facebook and MMS it’s easy to forget how receiving something real in the post can really make someone’s day,"

Carole Spiers, author on personal communication and stress management and BBC guest broadcaster

"In this world of instant communication, Touchnote has given the digital generation the ability to send something permanent: a marriage of photos and words. It’s an excellent product that has genuine value in this fast-paced world. The survey has provided fascinating insights into evolving communication habits, cultural differences in a world where norms haven’t yet become fully established.

It’s heartening to see that with the preponderance of text messages and email, couples still show romance with a real note. That kids and pets are some of the most popular images isn’t surprising at all – those Kodak moments are still ones that we want to treasure. The poll has shown that the age-old desire to combine that photo with a message and a kiss is as alive and well – and that’s a good thing. And very interesting to see that Germans have really taken to expressing their love in modern ways,"

**Please note this is a non-scientific poll that subjectively determined nature of postcards surveyed.

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About Touchnote

Touchnote is a mobile and web service that enables customers to create their own postcards from smart phone and Facebook photos.

Touchnote Mobile was the first mobile application that enabled customers to create and send a personalised, physical product directly from the mobile phone.

Touchnote helps bridge the efficiency of new technology with the sentiment of a letter.

Key partnerships to date have included Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft and Royal Mail.

The fast facts:

  • Based in London, UK
  • Touchnote boasts a small and talented team of 15 employees
  • Touchnote is currently available on iOS, Android (phones and Honeycomb tablets) and HP webOS
  • The Touchnote application is pre-installed on multiple Sony Ericsson devices – including the X8, X10, Arc, Neo and Play
  • Price point. Simple. £1.49, $1.49, €1.49
  • Touchnote has sent postcards to over 200 countries
  • Printing and posting from London in UK, Aachen in Germany and New Jersey in USA
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