We all know the stigma around hitting the 40+ milestone and needing to extend things at arm’s length to read small print. Unfortunately, deteriorating eyesight is simply a consequence of age. With little creativity applied to product currently available in the market, we set out to break the old age perception and created a unique and original reading glass collection which is guaranteed to restore some fun into growing up!

We set out to make wearing reading glasses fun, stylish, sophisticated and always at our fingertips. Gone are the days of rummaging around to find them left lying on the desk/counter, in the bottom of our handbag, or perched on top of our head. At the same time, we challenged why glasses needed to be worn on our face when often they are needed to read menus, packaging labels, mobile phone messages, etc. So was born our Coti Vision reading glass necklace which is simply worn around the neck and lifted when needed.

There is an additional twist to this gem. The construction of the necklace allows the reading glass element to be removed, so the necklace can be worn on its own. There are additional chain choices offered separately which offers even more colour and style options.

Growing old doesn’t have to mean being boring! Coti Vision offers a fun, functional and fashionable selection of readers in a palette of bursting colours to inspire a look which is bold and beautiful.

Here is to our cheeky slogan of “Raise your Glasses”, because we all deserve it!

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