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Looking at those who've achieved success can be inspiring, but without taking the time to look at the journey, it is highly unlikely the replication of success will be possible. During personal and professional development, it is vital to surround yourself with positive influencers. Get Up and Go Marketing advise removing any negative voices that inject self-doubt. One thing every successful person will explain, there was sacrifice along the way, Get Up and Go Marketing share the first eight things that need to stop now: 

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1. They've given up believing they can't change the world – Privilege doesn't contribute to success, background, race, education, or money don't contribute to success. Everyone has the power to change the world we live in; self-belief is paramount. Choosing a cause close to intrinsic values is vital for motivation along the way. 

2. They've given up on luck - The harder you work, the luckier you get. The first step is to get started; there will never be a perfect time so, stop waiting for it. 

3. They've given up on numbing pain – Choose to challenge the pain, learn about the source, and set out to make a change. Stop working a dead-end job if it causes misery, instead look for opportunities that offer advancement in a positive and supportive environment. If there isn't one available, build a door, and create a job that will inspire happiness. 

4. They've given up on negative people – Avoiding losers will instantly boost success. Choose the inner circle carefully, look to socialise and work with people who want the same success and ensure a mentor is found to align goals and offer direction and accountability. 

5. They've given up on time-wasting – Get started right away, time is precious, and it's better to start too early, than a moment too late. Focus on making a positive impact on those all around, actions will be reciprocated, and a brighter future will commence. 

6. They've given up only consuming – become a creator, make the YouTube videos instead of watching them all day. Wok constantly towards success instead of observing others. Try 60% creating and 40% consuming to ensure progress is steadily made. 

7. They've given up selfishness – Focus on giving and helping others achieve their goals. Successful people understand the importance of helping others first, taking second. 

8. They've given up wasting their money – Ensure investments are made in both time and money. Try to give as much as possible, generosity is never forgotten and during the times of need will be more likely be reciprocated. 

Get Up and Go Marketing encourage personal development to all their contractors and staff, they will continue to sacrifice for the better of others in 2018. 


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