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In a fast advancing business like Get Up and Go, it's essential to develop a reliable, hardworking, and ambitious workforce to support the ideas and values of the company. With their current recruitment drive, the firm is focussing on attracting candidates with a strong work ethic. The nature of the business requires employees and contractors to be unsupervised for long periods at a time, and it is vital to ensure that their clients receive the best representation. 

About the firm -

Get up and go, Reveal the seven elements of work ethic they must see before bringing someone on board: 

Professionalism – professionalism is a broad term that umbrella's how a person is perceived externally. Controlled by behaviours and appearance the firm will consider a well-dressed, approachable individual who goes out of their way to treat others with respect and consideration 

Respectfulness – Stressful situations test a person's true nature, tight deadlines and demanding circumstances are all situations where respect and concern for others viewpoint and worth are evaluated. 

Dependability – Arriving prepared, on time with consistency when delivering work are all measures of reliability. All businesses are measured by their ability to provide, and this should be a fundamental trait needed when hiring in others. 

Dedication – Setting a personal bar on what is acceptable quality. Commitment to excellence shouldn't be overlooked by any employer, and results will always reflect input when consistency is resent. 

Determination – Solution orientated people will rise to the summit regardless of obstacles. Business and projects will always offer setbacks, finding a team that bounces back quickly will be crucial to success. 

Accountability – People who can learn from failings will advance quicker and yield better results than those who persistently blame others for misfortune or shortcomings. 

Humility – A person who is confident enough to share praise and acknowledge others contribution to success. Always take projects seriously, but remember it is important to uphold a sense of humour. 

Get Up and Go, will continue to use their checklist when hiring, they are confident that they will maintain their momentum into the new year and get off to a record-breaking start to 2018. 

Get Up and Go Marketing, have boosted many businesses profitability by offering high ROI options for outsourcing, by hiring the experts they can reduce the overheads of large brands meaning they can reinvest some of that lost revenue into strategies designed to get ahead of the competition. 


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