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With 2018 finally here, managing director at Newcastle-based Complete One is looking forward to the upcoming business books of 2018 and has revealed his New Year, must-read list.

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As a passionate entrepreneur, business coach and mentor, Glen Lowes, managing director at Complete One recognises that a commitment to ongoing education is the only way to keep progressing. The award-winning entrepreneur advocates the significance that books can have, and he believes that reading can be a tremendous source of knowledge for aspiring business owners.  

'Your Best Year Ever' by Michael Hyatt 

After years as a CEO and an entrepreneur, Hyatt published several bestsellers, as well as hosting his own podcast called “This is Your life”. In “Your Best Year Ever” Hyatt explores the correlation between goal setting and achievement. The takeaway message for the reader is to stop getting stuck in the day-to-day and go after and accomplish what matters most.

'When to Jump' by Mike Lewis 

After graduating college, Mike Lewis secured a prized job at Bain. However, his heart wasn't in his work, and he decided to go against the grain and pursue his real passion, the game of squash. Lewis went on to live out his dream of being a professional squash player, and it was that choice that led him to decide to inspire others to stop pursuing careers that make them miserable and start doing what they are passionate about. "When to Jump" is a guide for readers to assess what they need to do to get satisfaction from their work. Mr Lowes believes that to achieve the most exceptional results, and reach great heights; people must do something they are passionate about. 

'When' by Daniel H. Pink

Daniel H. Pink is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal, bestselling author. He is a career analyst, examining work, management and behavioural science. In his latest release, "When", Pink explores the subject of time, and it’s effect on every aspect of life. Backed by extensive research and told through compelling stories, "When" is an informative and interesting read for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

'Rise and Grind' by Daymond John (Jan. 23)

An American businessman, investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker, Daymond John has established himself as a business mentor to a portfolio of young entrepreneurs during his nine years on “Shark Tank”. In "Rise and Grind" John draws on his personal experiences as well as those of fellow entrepreneurs to reveal the rituals, habits, and best practices for continuous success. Mr Lowes believes it should be on every aspiring entrepreneur's must-read list for 2018.

'Great at Work' by Morten Hansen 

Former Harvard Business School professor, Morten Hansen is a best selling author and one of the world’s 50 most influential management thinkers. In "Great at Work", Hansen explains what it means to work smarter, not harder, through the examination of a study he conducted with more than 5,000 managers and employees. He extracts the results into seven "work smarter" principles that can help the reader improve their job performance and their overall quality of life.

“There have been many books that have influenced my career and that I often go back to. Books are a tremendous source of knowledge and can be extremely beneficial for an entrepreneurs development” commented Mr Lowes.



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