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The Birmingham based sales and marketing firm GoldIcon Enterprise states that people are often uncomfortable with the unknown, the uncertain. An idea that suddenly catches everyone's attention and makes people nervous, raising concerns and other ‘buts', could be the one great idea that makes all the difference, believes Dwayne Foster, CEO of brand awareness specialist GoldIcon Enterprise. In fact, he insists that brands with the most extraordinary ideas are the ones to disrupt the market and that disruption usually starts from within, a team encouraged to explore, be creative and share their ideas. Inspired by an article on from 22 August 2017, Gold Enterprise's CEO Dwayne Foster reveals five signs and reactions of how to recognise a potentially amazing new idea.

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1. ‘We don't do this.'

This is a very common reaction. Dwayne Foster of GoldIcon Enterprise has noticed from his own experience that all too often this statement is not based on the previous exploration with the particular reason why it would not work. In reality, it is rather the opposite and could mean ‘It is too amazing, so we can't do this, right?' A different idea should not be scary but may plant the seed for something extraordinary once it has been thoroughly explored.

2. ‘It could get us sued.'

Disruptive ideas are the ones that can set a brand apart from competitors. It is needed to shake up the market and raise attention. Instead of spreading fear by throwing out legal terms, GoldIcon Enterprise's Dwayne Foster reinforces that all options must be explored and the interpretation should rather be ‘It is so aggressive, the competition will notice us'.

3. ‘Nobody else is doing it.'

"This is fantastic and the exact reason why an idea might become a gold mine", explains Dwayne Foster. "You want to be the first one to create something new and raise all attention to your brand." In reality, however, many businesses do not have the confidence to go through with it and translate this reaction into ‘We aren't that smart. There must be a reason why no one is doing this already. There is too much of a risk'.

4. ‘This is just weird.'

People who prefer to remain in their comfort zone may judge quickly and label an idea as strange because it is unexpected. They would translate this statement as such: ‘I do not understand the idea'. "Embrace the weird and unexpected", says Dwayne Foster of GoldIcon Enterprise. Unexpected moves and ideas get a brand in the conversation of their competitors, potential clients, and consumers.

5. ‘We probably need to discuss this with…'

That is a good sign. It means that the idea has potential to make a big impact, as decision makers may have to get involved.

"Truth is, when a totally different idea is thrown out and people start getting nervous and a little freaked, then you have potentially introduced a new idea that could be the seed of something great, something unexpected that makes a difference and, once fully explored, simply blows away everyone", summarises Dwayne Foster.

Based in Birmingham, GoldIcon Enterprise has become a market leading outsourced sales and marketing firm that specialises in raising brand awareness for their clients and supports aspiring entrepreneurs on their way to open up and run their own successful business. Dwayne Foster and his team have always encouraged entrepreneurs and contractors to have faith in their ideas and skill set and have the courage to explore.

The firm's success is the result of trying something new all the time and to develop new and crazy ideas into a unique strategy to remain ahead of their competition. In line with their success, GoldIcon Enterprise is currently planning to expand into further markets to represent their clients nationwide in the years to come.


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