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On the week commencing March 13th, Nottingham-based outsourced sales and marketing experts Goldstream Incorporated generated sales which amounted to a turnover of over £13,000, breaking the previous record by an astounding 69%. CEO at Goldstream Incorporated, Dan Coolican attributed the massive jump to the firm’s commitment to developing high standards. One of the company’s biggest goals for 2017 was to drive growth. “I was hugely influenced by the information we learned at the recent industry conference in London. I was inspired by many the guest speakers, their stories and the knowledge they shared, and I have been applying everything I learned. I genuinely believe that this has made a huge difference in our production,” explained Mr. Coolican.


Goldstream Incorporated is a firm dedicated to the development of their people. “By helping the people we work with to expand their knowledge and skill-set and to progress their business development, it then helps to take our business forward and to achieve our goals,” said Mr. Coolican. Recently, Goldstream Incorporated have been focusing their efforts on education, holding frequent workshops and seminars over the last six weeks specifically planned to reinforce the basics, as well as expand the knowledge and skill-set of the firm's staff and contractors.

“At the start of the year I sat down and assessed the numbers and evaluated the standards that had been set and it was evident that they needed to improve,” said Mr. Coolican. The psychology of standards separates the average from the extraordinary, claims Goldstream Incorporated. People with high standards hold themselves to high standards and make themselves accountable because they recognise that is what is necessary get to where they want to go.

Goldstream Incorporated is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. As direct marketing specialists, the firm works closely alongside their clients to create unique marketing campaigns, which will accurately represent their products or services to consumers. Goldstream Incorporated is extremely excited by the massive boost in production, and Mr. Coolican is confident that their new commitment to higher standards will see the firm go on to break further existing records.

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