China isn't known for it's government's lack of attention when it comes to things like internet piracy or poking fun at political leaders online. So while Brits mull over the quandary of whether to risk illegally downloading that episode of Modern Family they missed or finally peeking at the Duchess of Cambridge’s banned holiday snaps, China has taken the decision out of the people's hands by shutting down one of China's only and most notorious pirate search engine websites,

According to UK gadget company, Money4Machines, the step was taken after the website appeared on US blacklists, prompting owners to rethink plans to float the company on US stock exchanges. Speaking earlier in the week a Money4Machines spokesperson said,

"Let's say I want to sell my iPhone for a bit of extra cash and read some campaign details about the Free Tibet movement. Here in the UK I can sell my iPad or whatever using Google with another page open on Free Tibet. But China maintains some of the strictest permanent internet filters in the world. It makes life tough for what the government sees as anti-China content like free political search engine results, pornography and a much of the rest of the content that we take for granted as being automatically available."

But it seems Gougou's owners took the final step in closing the website after the US blacklist inclusion sealed the search engine's fate. They signed off with a bilingual message,

" has been closed down. Thank you for your support and we are sorry for any inconvenience."

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