Whatever we think of the style value of Google's smartglasses, it's great to see future technologies making an appearance in everyday life. Google's Sergey Brin was spotted out and about on the New York Subway system wearing the billion pound shades Google has spent the last few years developing.

Billed as the future of mobile technology, the “augmented reality” shades received mixed reviews when they were finally revealed to the world last year. One can read more about them here in one of our old Money4Machines blog posts.

The image was snapped by passenger, Noah Zerkin, who then uploaded his internet gold striaght onto his Twitter account. Zerkin says his interest in mobile technology and knowledge of Brin was just coincidence, and that a brief chat with the billionaire revealed him to be a “nice guy” having a bit of run by riding the New York subway wearing unreleased mobile technology worth billions in research.

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