When was the last time you almost came to blows over in-car map reading? Or ended up not speaking to one another on a long journey because of it? If you haven't got yourself a GPS yet, perhaps it's time to bite the bullet. And cut a whole load of stress out of your relationship. 

Daisy Bell, discount code expert, believes the humble in-car GPS / Sat Nav device is a genuine relationship saver. "It's a cliché. But it's true. There are few things more likely to cause an in-car argument than map reading. Especially when you're a female in charge of the map." 

What's the problem? The way women read maps drives many men nuts for a start. Most of us tend to turn the map around so it's facing in the right direction, to save us reading it upside down or sideways. "It makes complete sense to me," adds Bell, "but it rarely goes down well with blokes!" In short, there's a fundamental disconnect between the way men and women tackle map reading.
Most GPS manufacturers market their devices on basic stuff like accuracy and price. But are they missing a trick? Bell is surprised that manufacturers don't use the relationship saving angle in their sales pitch. After all, the moment your GPS takes over you can relax and enjoy the drive instead of arguing all the way and having a horrible and upsetting journey. "A GPS means no more bickering. In extreme cases it can probably be a real lifesaver too. Arguing at high speed isn't clever and could even prove fatal." 

The real problem seems to be that GPS manufacturers sell their products on features rather than benefits. The features of a GPS might be that it's accurate and cheap. But the benefits are neglected... like the fact that it can save you from a messy divorce. Or takes you safely from A to B without stress and hassle. So perhaps the problem lies - ultimately – with advertising and marketing agencies. "They should know better" concludes Bell. "Anyone with a modicum of marketing nous knows people buy benefits, not features."

If nothing else, bringing a benefit-led sales proposition into play could encourage more women to buy GPS! is one of the UK's fastest growing discount and voucher code websites helping you save even more money from hundreds of the nations favourite brands such as – Currys, Comet, Argos and many, many more...


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