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A recent article by the freelancer website PeoplePerHour, reported that the number of graduates fresh out of University choosing to work for themselves, rather than becoming employees, has more than doubled in the past year. Nick Johnson, Managing Director and small business owner of Citipeak Promotions Ltd supports this move and encourages more graduates to follow suit.

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Research from PeoplePerHour looked at the number of entrepreneurial graduates who signed up on the website within a year of leaving University. Over the past 12 months, the number of recent graduates registering as freelancers or micro-business owners has increased by 105%.

Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd, began the process of setting up his own outsourced sales and marketing firm after graduating from the University of Loughborough.  Now a successful small business owner, Nick Johnson is thrilled to observe figures that show a growing number of ambitious graduates who aren't daunted by the prospect of venturing out on their own.

The Internet has been a key contributor to the success of many small businesses; small business owners of today have access to a global marketplace of opportunities and expertise, with fast Internet speeds increasing the haste and efficiency of business transactions. ‘The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking. Here at Citipeak Promotions Ltd, we are excited to see more graduates starting their own business ventures and shunning employment in favour of becoming self employed and owning their own business,’ said Managing Director, Nick Johnson.

A survey by AmericanExpress has also highlighted small business owners as being more optimistic and hard working (46% of business owners have gone without time off for the last 12 months).  This is due to the many benefits that being self-employed can bring. One main motivation of taking the plunge into self employment is that a person can be in charge of their own destination; a surprising part of self-employment that many new people have found is that their work lends room to a lot more variety- if you feel like “shaking it up” and going in a different direction within business, it’s not necessary to report to some faceless HR person to do it.Self-employment enables individuals to do it themselves and earnings are unlimited when being self-employed. The financial benefits can be reaped from the amount of effort put in – the more time and effort put in, the higher the financial return.

With an increasing number of the UK population choosing to become self-employed, Citipeak Promotions Ltd encourages those ambitious, driven and financially motivated graduates to consider choosing to work for themselves rather than fighting each other for existing vacancies.

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