The survey reveals that despite the difficult economic pressures of today, over half of working mums would take a pay cut in order to work in a career that affords them a better work-life balance. Among the biggest stress-inducers in a traditional working environment are needing to excuse themselves to deal with family emergencies, such as a child’s illness, and having to leave the office for daily errands such as taking their children to school.

Nearly a fifth of women said that their work-life schedules are so tight that when meetings run over, they feel stressed because they often have family matters to attend to.

Pernilla Kemp, head of UK sales for Swedish clothing company me&i, which commissioned the survey, said of the important findings: “Flexible working opportunities are key for many mums to achieve the right work-life balance but the fact is that in many traditional working environments, mums still feel like they have to ‘excuse’ themselves when they have a family obligation to attend to.”

Ms Kemp went on to say that businesses are often open to discussing non-traditional methods of working, such as working from home, in an effort to cut costs, which puts working mums in a better position than ever before. And if there’s no place for a flexible schedule at traditional offices, me&i has created a business model specifically designed to capitalise on the strengths of working mums who want to work flexibly, or simply pull in a secondary income.

One of the biggest benefits of a secondary income is that it allows more room in the budget for long-term financial planning, such emergency or university funds., a website run by financial specialists iProsperMedia, is dedicated to helping UK working mums put their money to work for them by building nest eggs for their children’s future.

Joe Luong, Digital Marketing Director for iProsper Media, had this to say to mums looking for a work-life balance: “Traditional working environments often make women feel like they have to choose between their families and their careers, but departures from the traditional 9-to-5 -- working flexible schedules, part-time, or from home – allow women to keep revenue flowing into their investments without giving up what’s most important to them. offers financial news, savings tips, and free expert financial advice for the working mums out there who know they don’t have to choose.”

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