KitchenAid® mixers have been a standard on kitchen worktops around the world since 1919. In fact, every 20 seconds one is sold. And they’re available in stores in 115 countries and through even more online sites. So, where do the owners of all of these appliances turn when a part on their mixer breaks?

Chances are, those who self-repair their appliances may turn to a company called KA Parts – all thanks to a not-so-happy accident 10 years ago.

On Christmas day, Doug did the unthinkable. He broke a part on his wife’s KitchenAid mixer while she was in the middle of preparing the Christmas lunch. That not so minor transgression has proven to be a blessing for thousands of other owners of KitchenAid mixers as it set the wheels in motion for the launch of KA Parts Limited – which sells parts for the product and recently, introduced its first stainless-steel beater for KitchenAid artisan and classic tilt-head mixers.

The company says the beater is made from premium stainless steel, dishwasher safe, hand-polished to a mirror finish, and “temperature maintained” so users can cool or heat the beater as necessary. Its increased weight improves efficiency in each rotation so that ingredients mix quickly and thoroughly, and the stainless-steel finish ensures no metal taste contamination with food - something some beaters cannot promise.

“Owners of KitchenAid mixers are passionate about them. The product outperforms the competition and has stood the test of time. The various attachments let cooks and bakers stay creative in their kitchens – whether at home or in a bakery or restaurant,” explained Doug. “We have become intimately familiar with the workings of KitchenAid mixers and our new beater is meant to help users enjoy their product even more.”

KA Parts indeed knows what makes KitchenAid appliances tick. In addition to the new beater, they’ve designed, developed, manufactured and sell several products to work specifically with the brand’s machines, including: spanners to remove couplers, a super hinge pin to stop the tilt-head mixers’ pins from falling out, power cords to stop mixers from bouncing off work tops, and easy-release sockets to prevent cables from disconnecting or short-circuiting. They also offer a wide-range of free tutorial videos on their YouTube channel to walk customers through various repair scenarios.

KA Parts now sell parts all over the world through its own online store, as well as on Amazon and eBay. And now the founder looks back on that Christmas Day when it all started with a different perspective.

“Ruining our Christmas dinner all those years ago turns out to have been one of the best things that could have happened. I’m excited to see where we can take the business long-term and look forward to continuing to introduce new products and parts that help customer love their KitchenAid mixers even more,” said Doug, before adding, “But don’t tell my wife I said that!”

KA Parts premium stainless-steel beater fits the KitchenAid artisan and classic KSM150, K45SS, KSM100, KSM75, KSM90 and others. They are available on Amazon or at thereflectcollection.com for £69.99.

For more information about KA Parts, go to @kapartsltd on Facebook or Instagram.

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