Nicky Morris, founder and head of data analysis for says, 'By analysing the huge amount of data available we have been able to isolate the most effective ways for people to achieve their goals. We firstly understand the individual and their chosen goal and then set about applying the data rules to formulate the best programme of actions to ensure success. 512 clients have come to us over the past year and over varying periods of agreed time 496 have achieved what they wanted. This is an incredible success rate. I believe we have finally managed to harness exactly what is required for anyone to choose a life goal and achieve it. The potential for the future human race is obvious.'

The story has in fact been such a success that Google are in talks with the company to make the software available to all of their users.

'Yes, Google are interested in getting involved, and we are in talks. Sometimes a small but dedicated team can be better at understanding the details required in achieving something like this rather than a huge team whose focus is too wide.', Nicky comments.

Future projects that the company is hoping to bring to fruition includes software that analyses the economies of the world throughout history to help calculate the best way of formulating the economic policies of a country to ensure continued or new prosperity to a truly effective way of match-making where DNA sampling is included in algorithms that help people select their best relationship matches. Nicky says that these solutions are already in development and initial results look very promising.

'If I can do anything to increase the happiness and success of my fellow human beings then I will consider myself happy and successful. We are on a long and sometimes lonely journey. We are on this road together though so let#39;s do all we can to make it a happy one.'

Nicky seems to have ambitions for us all to become more fulfilled and satisfied people. In this day and age we surely have to embrace such an admirable outcome. 

I for one am all for Nicky and his dream of a better reality for us all.

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