In an interest to assert himself as a hands-on, approachable manager aware of the strengths, weaknesses and team dynamic of his workforce, Havoc CEO aims to assist with as many client campaigns as possible.

From day one of business, James has tried to be actively involved in the work his contractors are conducting and embraces the "hands-on manager" label. The CEO is keen to be available to support all workers with their day to day needs and to help manage the operations of the business.

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By getting back out into the field and conducting the same work as his contractors, the business owner feels closer to his workforce. He aims to establish himself as a hands-on boss and regularly takes time out to mentor his associates, keen to demonstrate an active interest in their progress.

"I believe there is much more to being a good boss than just instructing people what to do. There is no better way of explaining a process, than just simply demonstrating it yourself," said James.

By interacting directly with the Havoc workforce and working on behalf of their new client, James feels lines of communication are kept open, and he is an active member of important discussions in the field. "I really enjoy getting feedback from the team, and as a business owner, I recognise that employee mentoring is a hugely important part of my role. It is something I do with great pride," he explained.

As the CEO knows all too well, the sales and marketing industry is fast paced, highly competitive and at times, extremely hard going. Losing sight of how his contractors feel when they are getting down in the trenches is something James is conscious of, and he does not want to lose sight of how tough the industry can be when you first start out. "By regularly assisting Havoc team members I am able to not only gain more of their respect, but it also helps me recognise the importance of their input, making me a better mentor in the long run."

While maintaining a hands-on approach is something James is eager to maintain, he is wary of micromanaging and take care not to become an overbearing manager, as this is a common downfall many make.

Founded by Managing Director James Sweetland, Havoc is an outsourced sales and marketing firm, specialising in personalised and face to face marketing campaigns. The firm work with their clients to create and manage engaging, interactive, and cost-effective marketing campaigns that increase customer acquisitions and improve brand engagement.

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