Academic writing service WriteMyEssayOnline welcomed a refashioned design of its blog. And, the renovation seems to be appealing to the clients who hit the blog with frequent visits on a daily basis. The company’s design experts state that the renovation resulted from the idea of making the blog’s landing page more well-ordered and comprehensive.

“We despise stagnation in any form it might take. Whether it’s enhancing your knowledge in new essay writing techniques, or freshening up a design for the customers to feel the touch of progress with this aspect of our service – we will take it up with the biggest pleasure and enthusiasm!” – this is how the CEO of  the company commented on the service’s adoption of new design features.

As stated by the art director of  WriteMyEssayOnline, some online companies tend to abuse experimenting with their design, which gives away some other considerable problems they’re trying to make up for. The art expert also added that ever since the service launched its work, there were only two times it underwent design modernization. The digital artist’s views on frequent and pointless design renovation raises the problem of overestimating the value of design in web business by academic services, in particular.

Based on what the company’s representatives argue, spicing up a website is important for giving the customers a novel experience of browsing it. However, the administration members followed up this claim by adding that a reputable company shouldn’t focus on its design too much, as quality and loyalty are what should be considered first, not the “artsy” image a company’s web page has.

Another remark on the broadly discussed design renovation was made by the general manager of the company: “Most of all, it’s our regular customers who get bored with the unchanging website design. Every time they go to the service’s blog for another portion of reading, the web page offers them the very same “setting.””

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WriteMyEssayOnline is an online academic writing service delivering professional and high-quality academic assistance to students from across the world. With over eight years of excellence, the company has gained undeniable prominence and reputation in the industry.

The service features an ultimate spectrum of academic writing products, from a small movie review to an extensive PhD dissertation. The all-encompassing expertise of its writers, along with the total dedication of the rest of the team, has made this company a prodigy of academic writing.

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