Health entrepreneurs Joe and Jade Faulkner-Edwards are celebrating the launch of their latest product as their multi-million turnover business Whey Forward Health Industries goes from strength to strength.

The couple who run their operations from Cardiff and New York have today (April 8) launched their first protein supplement REGENATIVE®. The official launch took place at the Natural and Organic Products Europe show at ExCeL in London.

Joe, aged 33, said: “This product is the first of its kind, a patented blend of highly active ingredients combined to support the entire body and release cellular potential. The benefits of whey extend far beyond athletic development or exercise recovery.

“We believe this is a pioneering health product that could revolutionise the way we perceive protein supplements.”

Joe, founder of Whey Forward Health Industries is an ex elite athlete in track and a trained journalist focusing on nutrition and health.He was inspired to create the REGENATIVE® formula during his research for a story on the pharmaceutical applications of whey protein.

“I was surprised to learn properties within specially-produced whey proteins can have significant beneficial impacts on health and the processes of ageing - they are even being studied for pharmaceutical applications,” he said.

In recent years, the scientific progress made in understanding the body’s production of antioxidants has moved forward. One finding has been around the fact that the antioxidant glutathione is important.

Joe said: “We’re all aware that antioxidants are important and many of us eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to get more of them. Yet few of us realise the most important antioxidant of all – gluthathione - is actually produced naturally by the body and found in every single one of our cells. Supporting levels of this antioxidant, will, we believe have profound effects on our health.”

Customer experience manager Jade said: “The potential applications for this product exciting – be it for anti-ageing, beauty or elite performance (or all three). Imagine a daily health supplement that could support recovery, bolster your immune system and change the way you age.”

Now a team of nutritionists, marketeers and product designers, are helping Joe and Jade to move the company forward in the natural health and nutraceutical development fields, with a focus on science and preventative medicine.

The company has invested heavily in the R&D for REGENATIVE® and are conducting a pilot trial, supported by a scientific advisory board. They are also in the midst of a Seedrs crowdfunding initiative which is already over-funded.

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