Professional Heart Rhythm Coach from Cheltenham UK has been improving his clients’ heartbeat rhythms for more than 3 years. He says that he has now become aware of a problem of epidemic proportions.

Robin helps his clients deal with problems such as panic and anxiety, emotional stress, over-thinking ADD, high blood pressure, addictive behaviour patterns, anger management, circulation and heartbeat and breathing problems. He does this by teaching them all a very simple and easy to learn breathing and heartbeat synchronisation technique called MasterBeat Self-Synchronisation which, he says, can be most effective when dealing with stress and a great many stress-related illnesses.

However, during the course of his work in measuring his many clients’ heartbeat rhythms, Robin has noticed a significant and rather worrying trend. He has found that the vast majority of his clients demonstrate extremely erratic heartbeat rhythms.

“It is certainly a hidden problem,” he says, “because unless experiences such as palpitations, feeling that the heart just missed a beat, sensations of a deep pounding in the chest, or a racing heartbeat become noticeable, most people are generally completely unaware of how their hearts are beating from moment to moment.”

Explaining further, Robin says “it’s not that an erratic heartbeat rhythm is necessarily an immediate problem that needs be addressed with surgery or pills, (although in some cases it may be!), but the continued added strain of an irregular, chaotic and inefficient beating rhythm, may over time, be a strong contributing factor to the statistical increase in coronary disease and heart failure.

In his new eBook, Robin offers a ready solution to this problem, which he has been working on since becoming a Heart Rhythm Coach.

“The solution to this problem is simply to synchronise the breathing with the heartbeat to a specific sequence.

By doing this, more than 90% of my clients dramatically improve their heartbeat rhythms almost instantaneously.”

“With my MasterBeat Self-Synchronisation Technique, not only do my clients improve the way that their hearts beat from moment to moment, which creates the heartbeat rhythm, but they also simultaneously regulate and improve their breathing and circulation.”

“This happens naturally, as the breathing and the heartbeat synchronise and then harmonise. They then tend to support each other’s functioning.”

“Following on from this, because this works to improve the bodies functioning at a fundamental level, there are a great many other ‘follow on’ health benefits that can be experienced.”

“To use an analogy to help explain this problem and its quick and easy solution; your heart is like the engine of your car. If you don’t ‘tune it up’ it can become unbalanced, causing it to run inefficiently. As a result it will produce less power, use more fuel, create more friction and wear out faster. MasterBeat Self-Synchronisation is how you effectively tune your ‘biological engine’ your Heart so that it works more at optimum performance.”

Robin says that this exact technique has never been described before, and it has only been through his own efforts that he has found the precise breathing to heartbeat ratio that creates and maintains the highest levels of Heart Coherence (rhythm).

MasterBeat Self-Synchronisation: The Guidelines is available for immediate download from his website

For more information, interviews and expert comment call Robin on 01752 309778

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