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Businesses throughout the UK face varying degrees of uncertainty due to Brexit, but Hector Montalvo believes it’s important for companies of all sizes to ignore the ‘what if’ variables, and instead put their energy into big picture thinking. This is because he believes the setting of aspirational long-term targets can be a key catalyst in pursuit of driving successful growth.

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Indeed, Mr. Montalvo has learned to encourage his assiduous team of sales and marketing professionals at Source Marketing Direct to allocate time in their work week to reflect on their long-term goals, both professionally and personally;

“Over the years I’ve discovered that innovative, end-goal thinking from both team members and leadership alike has been an invaluable resource in business,” he stated.

Mr. Montalvo claims it’s an invaluable resource because of the effect it has unilaterally with new and existing hires. He has witnessed first-hand how regular evaluations of long-term goals can aid businesses by encouraging a bottom-up leadership approach. This increases the likelihood of team members buying in to the vision of the company, and retaining top talent.

The American business owner also believes it nullifies the threat faced from short-term thinking, where companies are guilty of getting bogged down with futile problems that can be solved with solutions that lie just steps ahead;

“When you step away from the regimented daily routines that can swallow your big picture thinking, you can examine how your nonchalant small actions are adding up, and shaping future direction and growth."

Source Marketing Direct focus on direct, face-to-face sales through event-based marketing and business solutions. The outsourced sales and marketing firm has thrived in the UK due to their big picture orientation in markets that are becoming increasingly saturated with new brands who have tunnel vision. Due to his positive experiences, Mr. Montalvo has made big picture thinking part of life at Source Marketing Direct. His firm believes that long-term goals must be included in both business plans and individual’s career aspirations, because if a company or person wants to be successful, then they need set goals to aspire to and measure their potential successes against.

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