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Sales and marketing experts Hegemonic Enterprise believe that visiting industry events is essential for their contractors to excel in the sales industry. The firm provides direct sales and marketing services to their clients, offering a tailored approach to marketing that they know offers a guaranteed ROI. Hegemonic Enterprise pride themselves on their creative and dynamic direct selling techniques but they realise that the industry is continually changing. With this in mind, they are focusing on making sure they attend a range of industry events to ensure their contractors are at the top of their game with regards to sales technique and business management.

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The two-day event, taking part on the 27th of January, brought together some of the UK’s most celebrated direct marketing minds to share their experiences and inspire attendees to push for further success. The event’s guest speakers discussed essential topics for business owners including the importance of driving conversations in business, how to offer practical training, tackling online branding and how to develop fresh talent. Hegemonic Enterprise was delighted to attend the conference, which was the first of its kind. Commenting on the event the managing director, Macauley Heseltine, stated:

This event was fantastic. I was given the opportunity to connect with top entrepreneurs, network and learn exactly what I need to do to streamline my business. As an entrepreneur myself, I am always open to new things, and this event has given me some things to work on. A great way to start 2018.”

This event has inspired Macauley Heseltine to focus on cultivating the student mentality within his workforce. He knows from his own experience that working hard and being open to new perspectives is key to being at the top of the game. As his contractors flourish as a part of Hegemonic Enterprise he wants to remind each of his contractors to keep themselves open to new perspectives, whether that is on sales technique, advice on communication or even new methods of organisation, Hegemonic implore each of their sales representatives to remain open to learning new things and altering their ways to achieve their goals.


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