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Hegemonic Enterprise is always looking to new avenues to boost the productivity and development of its workforce. The company strongly believes that nurturing student mentality is essential to the self-development and has implored its workforce to use every possible method and platform to continue their learning. This week the firm is focusing on podcasts and held an exclusive meeting for aspiring entrepreneurs suggesting some entrepreneurial podcasts to aid professional development.

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In a recent interview, the managing director, Macauley Heseltine, stated that:

“There is only so much, myself and my team can do to prompt professional development. We provide an in-depth professional development programme, but we know those who go the extra mile succeed in business. New perspectives are everything, and we think podcasts from the brightest entrepreneurs provide the perfect resource to help see our workforce grow.”

Hegemonic Enterprises revealed the podcasts it believes are essential listening for young entrepreneurs.

1) Eventual Millionaire

Hegemonic Enterprise wants its workforce to aspire to financial success. With this goal in mind, the firm believes these podcasts provide the perfect insight into the kind traits individuals need to excel, from the people who have done it themselves.

2) Beyond the To-Do List

Hegemonic Enterprise thinks this podcast provides individuals with a comedic look into business strategy, with a specific focus on goal setting and its importance in providing focus to one's journey.

3) This is your life

Hegemonic Enterprise sees this as the most in-depth, content heavy podcast for those who are just getting their feet off the ground. With titles like “Your Guide to Greatness” and “How to Lead Transformational Conversations.” these podcasts offer fresh perspectives and intricate examples of professional development within the business.

4) 1 Day Business Breakthrough

The tagline is simple, “Where Real Entrepreneurs Unite to Unleash Game-Changing Business Breakthroughs.” Hegemonic Enterprise sees this as a stupendously inspirational podcast, one that will leave you thinking forward about your role and where you want to take it.

As these podcasts have weekly instalments, Hegemonic Enterprise believes it offers the perfect continuous method of taking in constant fresh perspectives on how they can build themselves as professionals.


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