There are techniques involved in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which, unless used in the right way can make or break a company’s online presence. Below are a few helpful tips:

Web pages with little content on them

Web pages with little content on them will have a negative effect on your websites keyword rankings. Either add more content to the page, merge these web pages with others or remove them entirely.

Make sure Google Analytics is set up and is used.

Knowing how many visitors you get to your site, the methods they used to find it (i.e. what particular keywords they used to find you), what page of the website they visited and more, can be found through the use of Google Analytics. It is an integral tool and any SEO expert worth their salt would be using it regularly.

Engaging content  

Content that is informative and of high quality, encourage readers to stay on your site for longer. Search engines value high viewing times, and visitors trust websites that have a wealth of pages filled with good content. To this end, writers should primarily produce content for visitors and NOT for search engines. If people see your content, but lose interest quickly  or it doesn’t help them in anyway, then ultimately it is useless and won’t garner desire results.

Don’t assume keywords related your business

Remember, customers, friends, partners etc may very well see your business ( or the industry it is in), quite different to how you see it. The keywords they associate with you may not be the same as what you associate your business with. Without thorough research, you (or your chosen SEO agency) may be targeting the wrong keywords resulting in few visitors who don’t convert into sales.

Look for SEO London Consultants for implementing professional strategies in online marketing.

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