The Orient Express is synonymous with luxury travel and now brides-to-be can travel to Venice in style with GoHen.com. 

This incredible package will transport the nearly-wed and her bridesmaids by rail from London to Paris, then Paris to Venice while enjoying elegance which is without comparison onboard the world’s most famous train.

Orient Express Facts

Count Dracula, Hercule Poirot and James Bond all rode on the Orient Express in notable works of fiction.

Other notable passengers have included;

Queen Elizabeth II

Nelson Mandela

Grace Kelly

J.K. Rowling

Greta Garbo

Nikita Khroutchev

Paul Newman

Leo Trotsky

Mata Hari

Marlene Dietrich

"Kings and crooks, millionaires and refugees, big-game hunters and smugglers, prima donnas and courtesans travelled on it; tycoons and financiers clinched their deals across its sumptuous dining tables; diplomats, spies, and revolutionaries on board the train moved secretively to their moments of history." E.H. Cookridge Orient Express: The Life and Times of the World's Most Famous Train

As well as experiencing the journey aboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express on arrival at Venice the bride’s party will enjoy private motor launch travel through the Venetian canals and stay in one of the city’s top hotels. At the end of their stay Mercedes E Class cars will be waiting to transfer the party to Marco Polo Venice Airport along their return to the UK.


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