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What does Intasure, Andrew Copeland International and Staysure have in common? jml Insurance have been promoting Overseas property and UK Holiday home insurance products since 2006. Initially this was a support service for advertisers on, but has grown since then.

What they all have in common is that more and more consumers are turning to insurance policies written in their own language and this applies if they own a property in a country like Spain or France or actually live there permanently.

There is a huge market for holiday homes in different parts of the world and a company like Intasure Insurance offers holiday home cover in the major European countries and in addition countries like South Africa and the UAE.

Other international coverage insurance companies include Copeland Insurance and Staysure Insurance.

Andrew Copeland Insurance was founded in 1977 and they insure domestic property in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, The Republic of Ireland, Germany, Belguim, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Malta and Cyprus

Staysure Insurance was established in 2004 and they cover Spain, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

For clients with holiday home property in the UK, Rentguard Insurance provides a comprehensive insurance cover for UK holiday and secondary homes. Rentguard Insurance was established in 2001. 

All four of these insurance companies have been established for years. Intasure Insurance also offers Expat home insurance, main residence home insurance in the UK, Landlord and Tenant products and business insurance in the UK.

Rentguard Insurance offers a choice of commercial insurance in the UK together with Landlord and Tenant insurance products they have recently moved into the specialist insurance market with insurance for ex-offenders and flood risk properties

Staysure Insurance have become specialists for the "over 50’s" and offer a range of products including Travel insurance, Health and Life insurance, Home insurance and Car insurance products.

Andrew Copeland Insurance also offers landlord’s rental property insurance.

Intasure Insurance has a very comprehensive range of products. Apart from Holiday home insurance they also offer main home insurance in a large number of European countries including the UK, Ex-pats property insurance, landlord and tenant insurance in the UK and insurance in the UK including liability products, commercial products, hotels and bed and breakfast establishments and shops and offices.

Philip Suter of jml Property Services said "all these companies have a great selection of holiday home insurance products plus a great deal more. It is well worth visiting the jml-insurance site to see exactly what they are advertising. The site itself is not a comparison site operation. The insurance companies advertise their products on our sites and there are only a select number there as otherwise if there are too many companies that will confuse the customer."

"The customer makes all the arrangements direct with the individual insurance company and all of these companies will comply with the appropriate regulatory bodies."

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jml Insurance is part of jml Property Services, the trading name of Jeffrey Milner Ltd. The company is an UK based company that was established in 1979. jml insurance acts as a web promoter  for insurance companies selling property insurance including landlord and tenant rental products, pet insurance, wedding insurance, motor insurance and a range of excess insurance for car hire, van hire and motorhome hire.

jml insurance are part of the jml Group that includes jml Training Consultancy

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