Manchester, England – 30 November 2012 – With the new year around the corner, many homeowners are ready to give their properties a makeover. The hottest design trends of 2013 call for a classic look with rich, neutral colours and strong contrasts. Whilst many home-owners don’t have the budget to completely remodel their homes, kitchens and bedrooms can be transformed with new doors and drawers. have an extensive inventory. Kitchen and wardrobe doors, drawer fronts and trims come in a number of styles and colours, each is made-to-measure. This means that each order is manufactured according to specifications requested by the customer.

Anyone with basic DIY skills can transform the look of their kitchen or bedroom with a new door, drawer fronts and trims. manufactures their products so that they are easy to install, regardless of one’s skill level with DIY projects. Doors can be finished with glass or mirrors and accessories can be added to complete the look that clients desire. "The main aim of our business is to provide clients a fresh new look to their homes without spending a fortune. With an extensive range of replacement doors, drawers, trims and accessories on our website, clients will be able to find everything they need," states Marketing Director Alan.

Whether home-owners simply want to purchase a replacement kitchen door or they want to remodel their home for a new look, the new year is a great time to make a change. Doors and drawers in rich colours of cream and beige will make one’s home look fabulous when contrasted with items like new stainless steel appliances and attractive pewter hardware.


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