Those who are creating their own maths curriculum for their home school student, it can be difficult knowing where to turn. Many homeschooling parents struggle with this exact question: which maths curriculum should they use? Which one is the best?

But, is there a "right" answer or a "best" book? As long as the curriculum is of decent quality as far as the mathematical content, the teacher is actually a more important part of a child's maths education than the book.

Even if a certain mathematics book is not the best fit for a particular child or student, a good teacher can make the book work by supplementing it with other materials, maybe adjusting the pace, skipping some exercises, jumping back and forth in the book, being excited about the concepts, drawing pictures, letting the child colour things in the book etc.

However, if one wants to adopt a standard approach, they need to know what their child grade level is. Their child's maths level will depend on their skills; therefore, the maths curriculum they choose to create will closely follow what their child needs to learn. Assessment tests are a great way to determine the level of maths curriculum their home school student needs.

Nobody should become a strict follower to the curriculum. The book is just a tool for teaching. Filling the book is not the purpose or goal of mathematics education. There are many other tools and ways to teach, too, such as games, explorations, projects

There are many different styles of home education and everyone is free to use the method which is right for them and their child. There are many organizations that put out excellent maths home schooling resources for the home schooling family.

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