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Somewhere in the Vorrh’s wilderness, a man forges a legendary bow unlike any other, while Bakelite androids carry out a secretive existence in the underbelly of a colonial city and a host of forsaken angels traverse the remnants of a long lost Eden.

The Vorrh is the first novel in B. Catling’s astounding new trilogy, which has been praised for its unique quality by the likes of iconic comic book author Alan Moore, who writes in the novel’s foreword of its "staggering originality." The Vorrh redefines fantasy literature, offering a fresh vision to a genre weighed down with clichés; in this, it is comparable to works such as Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast and Bunyan’s fantastical Christian allegory Pilgrim’s Progress.

Spanning the 19th and 20th century, B. Catling’s fantastical epic takes inspiration from the imaginary African forest of the same name in Raymond Roussel’s Impressions of Africa. This vast biological, biblical and mythical expanse is the absorbing presence at the centre of an finely crafted, surrealistic narrative, where the fortunes of an array of characters, from native hunter Tsungali to adolescent cyclops Ishmael, are connected through its profound, ethereal core.

B. Catling describes The Vorrh as a "deep and violent mixture of soured anthropologies, impossible surgeries, breathtaking landscapes, virulent ghosts and the sad and poignant little motors of human desire." Extraordinarily immersive and laden with sumptuous prose, the brilliance of The Vorrh haunts.


"In the literature of the fantastic, almost lost beneath a formulaic lard of dwarves and dragons, it is only rarely that a unique voice emerges with a work of genuine vision to remind the genre of what it should be aspiring to and what it’s capable of doing [...] In Brian Catling’s phosphorescent masterpiece The Vorrh we have one of the most original and stunning works of fantasy that it has ever been my privilege to read, a brilliant and sustained piece of invention which establishes a benchmark not just for imaginative writing but for the human imagination in itself [...] Read this book, and marvel."
Alan Moore

"There are not many books that rearrange the molecules of your being, turning your eyes inside out. The Vorrh, this saturnine post-traumatic testament, is one of them. Malign ethnology, angelic codices, sump poetry and clownish viral comedy seethe and argue and interact in ways that are not just unlikely, but definitively impossible."
Iain Sinclair

ABOUT B. CATLING -- B. Catling is a poet, sculptor and performance artist, who makes installations and paints egg tempera portraits of imagined Cyclops. He has had past solo shows at The Serpentine Gallery, the Arnolfini in Bristol and the Ludwig Museum in Aachen, Hordaland Kunstnersentrum in Bergen, Norway, Project Gallery in Leipzig, and the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford.

ABOUT HONEST PUBLISHING -- Honest Publishing is a British independent book publisher of both fiction and non-fiction. Founded by three friends in 2010, the company strives to publish alternative, original voices, and to provide an audience for unique writers neglected by the mainstream. At Honest Publishing, we are proud of our commitment to producing and promoting high quality literature, and take great care to ensure that honesty and integrity lie at the heart of our business practices.
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