Back in the 1990s all that was needed was a kettle, a hi-fi and a decent set of textbooks, but these days buying all the essentials for a new life at university is just that little bit more complicated. Technology maybe more compact, but getting value for money and knowing exactly what you need has never been more of an issue. To help get your head around your university checklist, My Favourite Voucher Codes has complied a few savings, as well as some dos and don’ts when it comes to shopping for that first term.

The Guardian’s recent helpful ‘packing for university’ article is a good indicator of how you might (or might not) be spending your time in the coming months and it’s a healthy reminder of how different it will be to living at home. But as well as knowing what not take, you need to know what essentials you’re going to need to spend those precious pounds on. My Favourite Voucher Codes has taken a look at three key areas – technology, books and homeware – and looked at various ways you can save.


Once upon a time this wasn’t even a consideration, but now technology plays such an important part in our lives, no self-respecting student should be without a functioning laptop, tablet and smartphone. But upgrades can be expensive and not particularly compatible with a greatly-reduced student budget.

Currys voucher codes have a wide collection of savings for that could suit both those on a very tight budget and those who might have a bit more money to spend, or want a laptop with a better processor and memory, or even a desktop. Their current savings include…

-          Up to 50% off refurbished laptops

-          Up to £300 off selected desktops

-          Save up to £150 on Windows laptops

-          Get 10% cashback on any laptop or Macbook (£599 or over)


Another advantage of the digital age had been a decrease on our reliance on heavy textbooks. However, using Wikipedia as a source isn’t always a good idea, and having your own copies of key texts is always advisable. If you want to invest in up-to-date editions, this doesn’t mean you always have to pay full price.

At this time of year, Blackwell’s voucher codes are a very good source of academic book savings, and using their online offer that can save you 30% on selected titles, you can access a number of different university offers…

-          Save on Study Skills titles including Academic Writing and Grammar for Students (was £19.99, now £15.99)

-          Save on Law Revision titles including Law Express: Criminal Law (was £12.99, now £9.99)

-          Get half price subject dictionaries including the Oxford University Press A Dictionary of Economics (was £11.99, now £5.99)




This is an area of your life you’ve probably never had to consider before, but it certainly helps when you have a working toaster and a full set of cutlery. There’s no need to re-stock an entire kitchen, but have a careful think about what you might be using on a daily basis, as well as those home comforts that you’re not sure you can live without.

My Favourite Voucher Codes has found some useful Sabichi voucher codes that specialise in affordable, essential home items – ideal for building up a collection of homeware for your adult life. Here are a few examples of their current offers…

-          Receive a £10 voucher when you spend £30 or more on your purchases. This is a great opportunity to buy any larger items you might need, such as their specially compiled University Starter Kit that contains every kitchen essential (was £106, now £59.99)

-          As well as receiving this voucher, you can also claim free delivery on those items with a minimum £30 spend

Tips for Buying University Essentials

-          Although it might be tempting to transport as much as possible when you have the use of your parents’ car, think about exactly what you’re likely to use. That complete dinner set may look like a bargain, but will you really need all those plates? It’s useful to double up on crockery and cutlery just in case things get lost, but other than that, keep in mind what you bring with you, you’ll have to take away again.

-          Don’t necessarily buy the cheapest kitchen items. A tin opener isn’t much good if it breaks after a week, and those cheap pots and pans might start to shed their non-stick surface after a couple of meals.

-          If you’re short on money but need a new laptop, consider buying a refurbished model from a reputable supplier. You could end with a good quality brand for a fraction of the cost.

-          You probably don’t want to spend ALL your book budget on brand new copies, and sourcing second hand titles is common practice. However, beware of older editions that might be out of date and choose wisely.

My Favourite Voucher Codes is a comprehensive source of a large number of online savings, and could well be a useful way to save in a number of areas once you leave home, including online grocery shopping, gifts and great value clothing. The site can also help you contribute towards good causes, as My Favourite Voucher Codes donates 20% of its profits to a different charity each month, chosen by the site’s users.

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