During the height of GBBO a personal battle was being undertaken which ultimately resulted in a ‘light bulb’ moment for one cake loving Auntie who created now an international phenomena taking the baking industry by storm! links people looking for cakes with bakers who deliver BY HAND in their local areas. Orders are being generated from ex-pats and the military in Asia, Australasia and Europe where cakes and cupcakes are being hand delivered back in the UK with beautiful messages of Love.

The distribution of wealth is apparent across the globe whilst also ensuring that local UK bakers are receiving orders, delivering very locally to them and making unsuspecting recipients smile all day long with one-off bespoke gifts of cakes and cupcakes. Mums Bake Cakes, just like our mum's used to make has been developed from a need to send a niece a gift for her final birthday aged 43. With a bucket list which included cakes from top restaurants, the final gift could only be cake!- unable to source a baker local to her niece Paula enlisted the help of a baker and endured a 600 mile round trip to deliver the cake to her niece. ‘This would have been simple for flowers- but wasn’t, until now, available for cakes!’ Paula’s niece ultimately lost her battle with Cancer- but had given Paula her full support to go on and create an ‘Air BnB’ for cakes!
What better time, with the British Bake Off come back on the horizon, to start using creative skills to capture the mood of the nation and to contribute to family incomes across the UK.

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