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In order to help them succeed, the team turned to the best practice method called Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®).

The flexibility offered by MSP was vital in allowing the game organisers to adapt to changing economic and political situations throughout the programme. The world in 2012 was a lot different to the time a few years’ earlier, when the original bid had been chosen.

A ‘one size fits all’, bureaucratic approach simply would not have succeeded, something far more pragmatic was required, and that is where MSP proved so appropriate.

pearcemayfield Chairman, Patrick Mayfield, was one of the authors of MSP. He says that it is the fact that the method is principle-centred that makes it so adaptable: "We designed MSP around seven key universal principles that can apply to any programme, no matter how simple or how complex it might be."

It is the use of these principles that is the hallmark of good, effective programme management and the London 2012 team really took that on board. Some of the ‘top tips’ that they would recommend include:

  • Engaging stakeholders to encourage good levels of participation
  • Relationships really matter in programmes, so communicate strongly
  • Understand that programmes should have a real focus on transition and integration, so build that in
  • Create something that is seen to add value

Patrick Mayfield comments: "Each one of these tips is directly related to one or more of the MSP Principles and that is extremely encouraging to see them used so successfully on such a high profile programme."

As an accredited training organisation in MSP, pearcemayfield are keen for other organisations to understand the benefit of this programme approach.

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