Do you read lots of information each day for work or on social networks? Do you need to increase your reading volumes to more efficiently take in information? Every day more than 500,000 articles are published online, so how do you avoid getting drowned in information while ensuring you establish key facts and focus on the core ideas from a text?

Get a summary generator

The developers of Resoomer have been working on this issue for several years and have created a text summarizer that generates automatic summaries of written texts. Simply copy and paste your text into Resoomer and get a summary.

This online tool already generates more than 25,000 summaries per day and helps students, journalists, professors, and others to save time in their research and reading. Resoomer provides summaries and text analysis while also allowing users to filter their documents and articles by key topics.

Simplify information and cut to the main ideas

To help speed up review of documents and articles, the Resoomer summary generator simplifies the information and keeps only the ideas and important facts. You don't lose the meaning of the words and there is no reformulation, Resoomer simply brings clarity.

Equip your browser with an automatic summary feature

Maybe you work a lot online? Do you read a lot of text on the web? To filter the amount of text you see and improve quality what you read, you can always equip your browser with an automatic summary feature that will summarize articles, giving you more time to focus on other reading.

Alternatively, you could download the Resoomer browser extension so that in a single click, you can get a condensed text that will include the essential passages from your articles.

Avoid Procrastination

Resoomer makes it easier to avoid the procrastination that comes with having to filter through large volumes of text. Instead, you can process them instantly and avoid the desire to pop them in an archive for later reading. Good tools can help improve your productivity and get you reading more articles each day.

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