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Nonpareil Associates are determined to achieve their goals and help their contractors achieve theirs too.

"As last year was such an incredible year for what we have been able to achieve for our clients, we want to put the focus on how we can make our contractor's jobs easier. Through our training program, we're able to highlight critical points that help with time-management. It's so crucial in our workflow to keep time-conscious due to the fast-paced nature of the work we do," stated Mr Ed Bruzas, MD, in a recent interview.

Nonpareil Associates:

Nonpareil Associates has been able to put together a list of 5 essential tips to help their team achieve what's needed for their clients.

1. Set deadlines for goals

Goals are just dreams without deadlines. Deadlines make the target real and, automatically, a sense of urgency is then attached to the goal. It's advisable to break goals down into short, mid and long-term goals to be able to decipher how far away each deadline needs to be, to be attainable.

2. Emphasise results, not time spent

Sometimes achieving results, is more profound than putting in a certain amount of time. Some results are produced without the 'factory' hours that can lead to anxiety and so forth. Instead, having a freer approach to your work and career can help you manage your time best, working when it bests suits you.

3. Always finish what you start

Unfinished business is a stressful business. Letting things linger, or even forgetting about things unfavourably plays on the brain. By making finishing what's started, there's less chance of wasting time by thinking about the other things that aren't yet finished.

4. Set up your week in 2-hours

Plan your week thoroughly, and try to set time in coloured blocks that you can use for priority, for example:

  • Green:  Work time. Time in which you earn money.
  • Red: Time that works and supports your green time.
  • Orange: Flexible time to address unplanned things.
  • Purple: Hobbies, etc. Your own time.

It doesn't matter what stage in your career you're at but managing your time well is vital for growth. Nonpareil Associates have a business management training program in place to help entrepreneurs enter new markets and acquire customers for excellent clients. By teaching them the best ways to operate and improve their workflow, the sky is the limit to what is achievable.


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