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Wakefield mum Gemma previously experienced food allergy symptoms of stomach cramps, vomiting, severe headaches and a rash whenever she consumed wheat/gluten-based or dairy products.

According to Gemma, her mum tells her that she has had a dairy allergy since she was a baby; the wheat/gluten allergy was highlighted during an allergy test while experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome as a teenager.

Gemma said the allergies controlled her life, “After learning about my food allergies, life was more difficult. I had to make separate meals, buy special food (which is more expensive) and worried when I ate somewhere new.”

It is estimated that between 1-10% of adults and children have a food hypersensitivity. However as many as 20% of the population experience some reactions to foods, which leads them to believe they have some form of food hypersensitivity (The Association of UK Dietitians (BDA), 2015).

Gemma was well within that 10% and her symptoms were not getting any better; until she visited hypnotist Neil Brown at his office in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. “Now, all those issues have gone. I can cook one meal for me and my husband. Shopping is much easier, and I don't have to be anxious when I eat somewhere new. It's opened a whole new world of food for me! On a serious note, during this pandemic it is easier if you don't have to worry about being limited to certain foods, especially when the shelves are so sparse”.

Hypnotist Neil Brown states, “Gemma was an amazing hypnotic subject, she clung on to everything I said in her hypnosis sessions and ran with it, in the hopes that her life would be transformed. Seeing the changes in Gemma from the first time she walked into my office to the last time I saw her has been amazing. I’m really happy for Gemma and that together we have been able to change her life in so many ways.”

Regarding allergic reactions, Neil added; “I believe allergies can stem from a learned behaviour, just looking at the allergy statistics on you can see that for such a small island The UK has some of the highest prevalence rates of allergic conditions in the world, with over 20% of the population affected by one or more allergic disorder. A lot of weather forecasts are sponsored by allergy relief companies, this makes me wonder how much does that influence the 29% prevalence rate of rhinitis in the UK?”

Hypnosis for therapy is used to create new neuro pathways in the brain. Neuroplasticity is basically millions of little pathways in your brain that light up every time you do something. These are well travelled and can be referred to as our habits or established ways of thinking and feeling. Every time we do the same thing, that pathway becomes stronger and stronger, a bit like walking a well-trodden path through a field and the more we walk this path, the easier it becomes. When we start thinking about something differently, we start carving out a new neuro pathway; if we keep thinking in that new way the new pathway will get stronger and stronger while the old pathway fades away. Just like if you were to create a new path along that field and stop walking that same old route, this new way of thinking and feeling will then become your new norm.

This is exactly what has happened for Gemma, enabling her to eat and drink as she chooses without any unwanted physical or psychological side effects.

Notes to editors: More photos available upon request.

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