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London, United Kingdom, 28 April 2020Hyve Dynamics has launched an initiative to design sensor-based personal protective equipment (PPE) and enhance remote medical monitoring capabilities incorporating sensor technology.

Hyve’s sensor technology allows for the proactive identification of many of the symptoms related to coronavirus, including respiratory rate, temperature and heart rate anomalies - among others. These types of sensors are proving critical to both the testing and treatment process for COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic has proven that personal protective equipment should be a basic requirement for healthcare workers and public-facing service workers. We need to offer workers tools that are affordable, accessible and give them the real-time data necessary to understand how to protect themselves and those they interact with on a daily basis.

Furthermore, it demonstrates the urgent need for both our corporate organisations and healthcare institutions to adapt quickly to the needs of the community.

Hyve Dynamics CEO Cecilia Harvey explained: "We are proud to be working with our partners to support the creation of sensor-based PPE equipment and remote medical monitoring solutions that can help to save lives and protect the public.

"The world has now changed, and these solutions will be critical to public healthcare even after the current pandemic subsides. These sensor solutions will allow people to resume their personal and working lives in the full confidence that in doing so, they are not jeopardising either their health or the health of others."

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for far better remote monitoring health capabilities. With the right sensory technology, companies could be alerted in real time if staff members are exhibiting symptoms, schools could safeguard their students, and individuals could be alerted if they need to self isolate because key health abnormalities, including respiration indicators, have been clearly and quickly identified.

The use of next-generation sensor technology coupled with remote monitoring solutions will continue to be a critical requirement as the need for the rapid detection of health issues by our healthcare institutions continues.

As Dr. Jonathan Theodore, Hyve Dynamics senior vice president of product, explained: "It is vital that we, as a society, have the means for people to track and monitor their symptoms effectively without burdening hospitals, GP practices and doctors. Effective tools for the daily monitoring of symptoms as quantifiable data are a vital tool, both in dealing with COVID-19 and any future pandemics or healthcare crises."

Hyve is continuing to partner with industry professionals and technology companies focused on data insights and remote monitoring technology that will protect front line workers during this pandemic, and ensure a return to normalcy as quickly and sustainably as possible.


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Hyve Dynamics is a pioneering technology company providing sensory technology solutions. Our products and services improve integrity, performance and design across industries such as aerospace, automotive, gaming and healthcare. For more information about Hyve Dynamics, please visit us at www.hyvedynamics.com.

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